Zend is one of the pioneering journals published in the fields of research and science in Northern Kurdistan. Throughout its publication life, Zend has been home to many Kurdish intellectuals and has served as a platform for scientific discussions on Kurdish language, literature, history and culture.

Zend was first published in 1994 with its first two issues being published as test issues. Afterwards, it began to be published periodically in 1996, and it had reached 6 issues by 1998. Due to then-current state of affairs, Zend had to take a break of 6 years from publishing, and resumed its publication life in 2004 when its publication status was changed from journal to book series due to some official issues. From 1994 up until now, 34 issues of Zend – 26 of which are from 2004 have been released. Zend is still published by the Kurdish Institute of Istanbul (now Kurdish Research Association) as two issues per year. One issue is published in spring and one in autumn


In 2014, Kurdish Institute of Istanbul began to publish a journal named “Fêrname” for its teachers and students. In this journal, beside works and articles of students and teachers, articles on Kurdish culture and art were also published. In addition to exercises for teaching Kurdish, articles on teaching methods were included in the journal as well. Today, those who have just taken up learning Kurdish can improve their reading skills and get acquainted with Kurdish culture and literature with the help of this journal.

Fêrname contains articles written in three dialects of Kurdish (i.e.: kirmanjki, northern kurmanji (kurmanji), southern kurmanji (sorani) and includes such sections as horoscope and crossword puzzle. Teachers and students of Kurdish language can both benefit from this journal and contribute to it by their articles. So far 4 issues of Fêrname have been published. After the fourth issue, its format has been altered and from now on it will only comprise reading passages adapted to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd level students. Fêrname is released as 2 issues per year. One issue is published in spring, the other in autumn.